Dedicated to all those people who want to stand out from the masses and want to reach Important Objectives in their own Life.

Hello, I'm Francesco and I want to tell you my story. I was born in a fashion store, I have known a passion for haute couture, I understood the dedication to making people feel "at home" and I realized I could start a business based on these values. The difficulties we have been through, I will not be a liar. Often there are events in your life that you know do not have a real meaning but seem to happen by chance, and are wonderful. What you can know for sure is that, in fact, nothing happens by chance. Thierry was a friend before becoming a shareholder. With him Apology was born, the fruit of his imagination and of my preparation.


We wanted to create a product that apologizes to the world of fashion because we do not follow the seasonal changes of the wind. We apologize because, in that world, Apology sets foot with hard work and a lot of humility. Ours is something unique and exclusive, tailored to your daily needs. We want you to feel proud of what you're wearing.


Apology believes the details, are fundamental. Thanks to the collaboration with some companies producing fabrics, Venetian but world famous, we have sought the exclusivity. And we wanted to go further: the qualitative aspect of our every model being comfort, or the feeling of well-being that comes wearing Apology pants.


When everything is going well, there is always something that will ruin your plans. Thierry has disappeared and left all that we had started on my shoulders.

I had to adapt and meet new people who joined the project without destroying that for which it was born: APOLOGY - VENETIAN DETAILS.


If you are a person with certain characteristics of style, who demands uniqueness for their own self-image, and for that you want to leave a sign, then most likely we could be friends. Friends who share achievements and milestones in our paths, both personal and business. For Apology - Veneto Details I had become what I was not. But all this I want to do it for me, for Thierry, for his genius and for this beautiful story to have a happy ending. It all started in the best way possible.

I tried to make an exclusive and original product, full of important details, which could reflect you for how you really are. Now it's up to you to follow me.

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